How to Send HTML E-mail Using Gmail

by Tom Durkin - read

A lot of people seem to get hung up when it comes to sending a HTML E-mail through Gmail but its actually very simple to do and here’s how:

1. Firstly you will need to design and build your template as a static HTML page and make sure that all your images are hosted somewhere on the internet that can be referenced by any computer. To explain a little further, you must have them stored somewhere such as so that when they are sent out to your customer or client they will see the images. Full file-paths are a must for all images.

2. Make sure you use HTML tables (yes it pains me to say that) for your design as this is supported by all major E-mail clients and will ensure that it is seen properly by as many people as possible.

3. Once you are happy with your build and have the images on live web space, view the static page in your browser and then select all – Cmd/Ctrl + A and copy.

4. Finally paste your clipboard in to a new E-mail and you should see your E-mail rendered in there perfectly.

Go ahead and give it a go!

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  • murralii

    I just tried it but not working. but I will try to finish it.

    • Tom Durkin

      Sorry to hear that! What problems are you having? I built the e-mail as a stand alone html document and then just copy/pasted into an e-mail and it worked perfectly!

      • Eric

        are you using gmail in a browser or in some program?

        • Tom Durkin

          Hi Eric, yes I’m just pasting it into the compose window inside Gmail in a browser and it seems to work. I send it to myself as a test and it renders exactly as expected.

  • James Humphrey

    As of today, when I try to paste HTML from the clipboard into my Gmail compose window, it simply puts the code in directly without changing the format of the message to text/html. So, when I send it, the receiver just sees the code and it is not rendered as HTML. Is there something really simple I am missing?

    • Tom Durkin

      I just tried it now and it still worked fine even in the new compose window. Are you sure you have the rich text option selected. You may be putting it in as plain text and therefore it doesn’t render the code.

      Good luck!