How to Remove Superfish from Firefox

September 16 2012 in

While I was building a website a few days back I noticed that when I was refreshing the page to check my changes, Firefox was trying to get data from the website ‘’ (you can check by looking in the bottom left of the Firefox window while a page is loading.)

This got me pretty worried because I was working on a local website (not on the internet), so immediately I thought some sort of malicious software could have somehow gotten on to my system, or in to my WordPress install.

After a little bit of investigation it turned out that a lot of people were associating it with certain Firefox plugins, however they were not plugins I used…more panic!

My solution to removing Superfish from Firefox was to go through each of the plugins I was running and disable them one-by-one, and then reload the page I was working on. It turned out that it was one of the plugins I had installed so the panic was over and I removed it.

If you are having the same problem and aren’t happy about it go to Tools > Add ons > Extensions and disable them one-by-one to see which plugin it is that’s getting the data.

Hope that helps!