Surf faster and more securely with a modern browser

September 15 2014 in

Billions of us browse the internet every day, yet there are only a handful of browsers that we can use to do the tasks we want to do. From my experience of working with clients all across the North West and UK, I’m amazed at the volume of people browsing on out-of-date or old browsers that make using the net a far worse experience.

There are a number of reasons that you should consider updating, which I have listed below:

A faster browsing experience

Modern browsers will use the latest technologies, such as intense caching, to bring websites to you faster. Using a modern browser will noticeably improve the speed of your browsing and make the experience more enjoyable.

More secure browsing

Old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are now unsupported by the creator and also website builders. This means that they are open to security risks. I personally would never bank or shop online without being able to use a modern browser.

More awesome features

Modern browsers utilise the latest technologies which make browsing the web easier and more fun. If you are running an old browser the chances are websites will not render properly because they are using technology that has surpassed these browsers.


Third-party plugins are a great way of making browsing more enjoyable. There are literally thousands available, most of which are free and can help you will all sorts of simple of highly complex tasks. You only need to look at the Chrome extensions website to see what I mean.

Support and updates

New browsers will continuously evolve and improve to help make your experience of using the web faster, easier and safer. Updates are rolled out to most new browsers automatically, but its always worth checking for updates. Usually if you go to File > About <your browser name> there will be a button to either sign up to automatic updates or check for the latest version of your browser.

Download a modern browser!

If you are looking to download a modern browser, I highly recommend one of the following (in order of preference):

Note that all these browsers are completely free to download!