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12 killer ways to increase comments on your blog posts

We bloggers love getting comments on our posts don’t we? In some ways its a way of proving to yourself that your readers find your content compelling, and that people are interested in the topics you are discussing.

However you may have recently signed in to your dashboard to find that suddenly no-one is commenting any more? Was it something you said? Well maybe, or it could be something you did.

Here are a few tips that should help to get the comment section of your site booming again…and make you feel a bit better about yourself!

1. Self Analise – would you comment?

The best place to start with something like this is to really take a close look at your posts, and treat them as if you were visiting your own website for the first time.

Are you compelled to leave a comment? If you feel that the content doesn’t make you want to comment your readers probably feel the same. Spice things up a bit by adding a few puns, or images. Make your posts a feast for your readers.

2. Ask a question

Ask a question…and you (hopefully) get some answers. I try to ask a question at the bottom of all my blog posts in the hope that readers will be inspired to share their answers.

3. Ask people to comment

A lazy tactic is to literally ask people to leave a comment. You can use your other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get readers to go through to your blog and comment on something by using something like ‘hey everyone please go and leave your thoughts on my latest blog post.’ I’ve found this can work from time to time.

4. Check accessibility

Is it actually possible for your readers to leave a comment? Sometimes we get lost in the dashboard and forget we have a ‘front of house.’ If your comments have suddenly dried up its worth checking everything is still working ok. Sounds stupid but I’ve had this problem before because I was fiddling with source code and actually broke the comment facility.

5. Make it easy

Make sure commenting on your blog is easy. You want to minimise the comment making process. If you post your entries to a popular Facebook group why not use a Facebook Comment plugin for your blog? It means that your readers don’t have to fill out any forms and can leave their thoughts almost instantly.

6. Play dumb – leave stuff out

A tactic I’ve heard that other bloggers occasionally use, its to purposefully leave out a few obvious bits of information in posts in order to get people to comment. The idea being that you’re readers will want to ‘fill the blanks’ so to speak.

Be careful with this one. Remember the foundation of good blogging is quality content, so use this tactic wisely. If you aren’t sure don’t try it.

7. Reply to all comments

This is a definite must! Make sure you reply to as many comments as you can. This really boosts your community because your readers know they aren’t speaking to a brick wall.

Your readers want to engage with you so make sure you always reply, even if its just to say ‘thanks for the comment.’

8. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to get comments on your blogs too. Often people that actually take the time to read a comment on another site will be likely to want to leave them elsewhere as well.

9. Create great content

Great content attracts traffic, and a lot of traffic means that the likelihood of getting comments is greatly increased. Publishing great content should be at the core of every blog. What is a blog without it?

10. Offer and incentive

I’ve run competitions on my blogs in the past where readers have to enter by posting a comment on a certain post. It proved very succesful and as a result (for reasons I may not really be able to explain) there was a definite boost to the community across the whole site.

11. Post a ‘ice-breaker’ comment

Sometimes it just takes one person to break the ice, and the comments start rolling in. I’ve accidentally left comments as a guest on my own blogs on occasions, but I’ve found that it seems to break the silence, and ofter encourages more to speak out too.

12. Its not the end of the world

If all the above fails, remember that the comment area of your website is not the most important aspect. I’ve had many blog successfully draw in hundreds of hits per day, with not a single comment in sight, so don’t get too negative! Concentrate on good origional content and then comments will come.

How many of these tips will you be putting in to practice? Leave a comment below and let me my community know!

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