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How to choose an awesome topic to blog about

Many of you may have heard the word floating around your office or social groups. Yes, you guessed it, the word is ‘blog’.

With the inventions of Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger etc etc starting up a blog has literally become a case of making a few clicks and filling in a username and password – that’s the easy bit!

Arguably, The hardest bit is settling on a topic to write about, and this is something that freaks a lot of people out and puts them off blogging all together! boo!

From my many years of  experience, I can share some helpful advice on choosing a good topic to write or ‘blog’ about:

Blog on something you know

First rule, you’ll find it easy to blog about things you know a lot about. What’s more you probably under estimate your own knowledge. Remember that things you have spent years learning about, people all around the World will be picking up today, so they want all the knowledge and wisdom you can throw at them.

Blog on something you love

Passion makes for the very best blogs, so make sure the topic that you choose is something that you really want to spend a lot of time writing about.

Think of something you would happily write about daily and be happy not to get paid for…they are the sort of topics you will find, ironically, become your most popular blogs, and best money makers.

Blog on a topic with a long life-span

Remember a blog is about content, content and even more content…add a side order of content with that too. Your topic needs to be something you can constantly write about, and constantly make interesting content around. Its non-stop!

These three points should really help you to hone down on a topic that will make a good blog. One final tip – forget worrying about how obscure your topic is too…remember when you hit ‘publish’ you are broadcasting to the World.

There are always bound to be others interested in the same topics as you.

Good luck and if you have any more useful tips for choosing a blog topic, please leave a comment below!

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