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Traveling Tips for the Freelance Web Designer

This weekend I had very limited spare time to work as a freelance web designer as I attended a wedding near to London, however I still managed to find the odd hour to work.

I think I learned that the success to working ‘on the move’ is to be prepared and make sure you pack everything you need in order to work efficiently and in a variety of alien environments.

As I was taking quite a bit down for the wedding anyway I wanted to make sure my laptop bag was light.

Here’s what I made sure I packed:

Laptop – Obviously essential
Charger – Essential
Headphones – Ideal for making your own quiet time.
iPhone – Music and contacting people

These four things seemed to be enough to keep my happily coding HTML and CSS, especially the headphones/music.

Do you freelance on the move? Leave a comment and let me know the essentials that you pack!

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