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Useful Privacy Suggestion Regarding Facebook Subscribers

Facebook apparently work hard to protect your privacy but for most of us its quite confusing to see where your updates are going.

I’m extremely paranoid about the information I share and any way of controlling this is a huge bonus for me. If you feel the same way you may like this little tip.

Now that people can ‘subscribe’ to your updates it opens up your content to be available to anyone who wants to subscribe. I’ve noticed recently that people who have requested me as a friend are automatically made subscribers and can see the updates that I make. I don’t like this at all!

There is a very simple way of stopping this which I discovered today. Browse to your timeline and you’ll see a few boxes on the right hand side such as ‘likes’ ect.

Next to this is a plus symbol or an arrow suggesting there are more options. Click that and you’ll then see the option ‘subscriptions’.

Click on that and you will probably see a few people that have tried to friend you and as a consequence become a ‘subscriber’. Next click the edit tab at the top right and there you will have the option to stop your updates being public.

Great tip if you like having full control over who your content is going to!

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