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WordPress 3.5 has now been released

Attention web designers, its that time again where we have to tediously go around our client’s websites updating their WordPress installs, as version 3.5 has been released this week.

I’m sure there are probably a few elegant solutions out there where you can do all the updating in one place, but for now I’m still working manually. (That means sending myself a lot of password requests! :))

You may want to check that all the plugins you are using are compatible before running the upgrade. I’ve not had any problems yet.

One of the best new features is probably the stupidly simplified 2012 theme which looks like it will be great for using as a child theme for creating nice responsive websites.

I’ve been using 2010 for some time now, but for me its definitely time to move unwards and upwards.

Good luck with your updating, remember its best to do it as soon as possible for security reasons.

The full download is available from the website here.

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