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The future of SEO for 2014 onwards

When discussing the topic of SEO I think everyone would agree that Google’s indexing bots and algorithms are getting smarter.

For a lot of rogue SEOers out there, this means coming up with even more complex campaigns in a desperate attempt to trick the search engines, however this isn’t required. Tactics like keyword stuffing and link building are dying a very sudden death. Google aint stupid and they’ve started to pick up on these spammy tactics.

What Google and other leading search engines are looking for in a site, is unique and well structured content. No tricks, no B*ll***t. This has been the case for many years, but more recently after a number of big updates to their algorithms, it is more widely felt than ever.

What you should be looking to do with your website is present the content in a clear and structured way which doesn’t attempt to trick the search engines, but accurately describe what it is, without feeling spammy. Google is out to find natural, well written content, that’s always been its long term goal. I know this because I’ve experienced this approach in action and it just works.

Worried you’re not getting enough backlinks? Write better more compelling content and share it on your social profiles. Backlinks will naturally come, and what’s more they come, they will undoubtedly be from related sites which is a huge bonus.

I can’t stress enough…keep it structured, keep it natural and Google will love your site. Write for people and not for search engines.

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