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Change the focus of your SEO: Write for your audience

I would never brand myself as an ‘SEO expert’. How can anyone brand themselves as an expert when the rules about said subject are not even available to the public?

What I can say is that I have had very positive results in search engine rankings when I employ the methods I believe to be correct and ‘white hat’.

It is an age old saying in the SEO world but people seem to still ignore this: Instead of writing for search engines, write for your audience!

Write in the mind-set that you want to get people to see your content and not search engines.

In recent months I have seen my website rocket up the rankings because I’ve started writing content that I want to write instead of writing what I think search engines want to see.

As an added bonus, I also enjoy my writing more as well. Sure there are mini tweaks here and there that can improve your rankings, but rest assured, these will only work in the short-term.

If you are in the SEO game for the long run, stick to your guns. Write compelling and original content and grow your audience using your social networking channels.

Rest assured, you will steadily see an increase in your rankings if you write for your people and not for what you think Google will like to read!

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