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A brief summary of using a standing desk

As a freelance web designer I spend most of my time sat on my arse. Because of this (not-so-sudden) realisation, I’ve been trying out a standing desk.

In total I’veĀ been sampling the concept for a week or so and although I have enjoyed it on occasions, I’m still not completely sold on it.

I thought I would sum up some of the reasons for me liking and disliking the idea below so you can decide more clearly if you want to give it a go.

I’ll start with the cons so I can finish the article on a positive note:



I found that it was very easy to get distracted away from a standing desk because, well, its easy! With a chair it involves some effort to stand up and walk around, but with the standing desk you can leave your workspace pretty much instantly, so I found this a bit of a hindrance on my work.

Energy Zapping

It sounds daft but working at a standing desk for a long period of time does take it out of you. I’ve tried to combat this on occasion by popping my hip like a 70s hooker, but it didn’t help. I eventually found the best way to stand is to have both feet flat on the ground shoulder width apart.

I think ‘stamina’ would come with time but at first it does feel a bit like hard work compared to sitting down.


Speed of work

I don’t know if it is a want to be away from my desk and sitting down, but I find that I work far more quickly when I am stood up. Whether this has any sort of explanation is be-known to me but I certainly feel I can work faster and for longer.


I also feel a lot more alert and motivated when I am stood up working. Again, I’m afraid I don’t know if there is any science behind this but after the first few minutes of getting used to standing and working, I start to feel very alert and focused.

Beats sitting down all day

Although sitting down may be the way forward for me for the foreseeable, I do enjoy occasionally standing up to complete some work. I’m actually standing right now while I type this out and its been fun.

I would be very interested to try this in an office environment, but I’m still not completely sold on it as a long-term plan. I think small bursts of standing just to get myself off my arse for a few minutes are a good thing, but doing this all day every day would definitely take its toll over time.

Have any of you been trying a standing desk out? How have you found the experience? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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