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Google+ SEO Experiment

When Google launches a social networking platform, how can you not be interested? Being a professional in the field of SEO and web, I signed up for a Google+ account on day one, however I have to confess I’ve not really used it an awful lot since then…

That is until now! TADA! *applause* After reading a few posts around the web about Google+ activity affecting SEO rankings, I decided to run my own little experiment…In layman’s terms I will be posting as much as I can (at least once a day) on Google+ to see if it has any positive affect on my search engine rankings.

I have this website ‘associated’ with my account, so I’m hoping that increasing the activity on there (massively) will mean something good for this website too. I will be reporting my findings on the fly. I’m really hoping to see an improvement in my positions for my main key words which include:

  • Freelance web designer
  • web design chester
  • freelance web developer

If you have a Google+ account please add me! I shall be trying to connect with as many people as possible as well as posting web tips for the next two weeks to see if there are any affects. Updates will include general lifeage, web tutorials/useful links and some fun stuff as well just for good measure.

Hopefully See you on there! Wish me luck.

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