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Freelancers, stop devaluing our trade

If this post gets as far as one freelancer and they take this advice on board I see this as a success…

Sadly, we’ve all been there. Work dries up and we are forced to browse the horrible freelance job boards around the net. I myself have wasted many-a-keystroke ‘applying’ for these jobs in the slightest of hopes that I could get some cash. Of course I was wrong. I’ve never landed a single job from a job board despite quite a bit of effort.

When browsing said boards last week (yup last week was a quiet one) I became more and more frustrated by the prices some people were putting themselves out for. Complete WordPress builds for less than £150/~$200 and PSDs for less than £50…you get the picture. Its nonsensical.

The unfortunate thing about all this is that it is greatly devaluing our trade, not just the individuals on these websites. Everyone suffers and a new culture is emerging. In recent months I have noticed  people seem less and less willing to part with money to get web work done. It seems that gone are the days when clients want an honest and hard-working individual to work closely with them to create a stunning website. Instead its a case of ‘find the lowest possible cost and get it done in the least amount of time’.

So if you are a freelancer of any kind and you use these websites, please please please keep your prices professional and sensible. Don’t dip to bag a client that will ‘give you tons of work in the future’ (heard that one more than a few times) and stop the devaluation of our skills that we have all given up large portions of our social lives up to be able to do to a high standard.

(Since writing this I have vowed to stay well clear of these websites until this trend is over and we can start getting paid what we deserve.)

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