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Teach and educate your readers

For many, building a successful blog feels like a dark art.

I’ve blogged for more than 10 years, yet still there are times when making something a success feels like a complete mystery.

I browse my favourite blogs and despite them churning out average content, they seem to attract thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve often asked myself ‘what am I doing wrong?!?’.

Probably one of the best things I’ve discovered from my varying blogging career is this:

Write to teach and educate your readers.

This type of content is traffic gold and whats more, posts that educate your readers rarely go out of date. For example when is something like ‘Learn 5 basic French phrases’ ever going to go out of date? These pages can sit in the search engines and pull in traffic indefinitely because people will always find them useful.

I’ve blogged via news-based websites for years and its has been a struggle growing my following. Leave my blog for a few weeks and I can miss big headlines which damage my site’s reputation. I have to be on top of my topic every day, and trying to do this alongside day-to-day activities isn’t practical. Its a big commitment.

Blog posts that teach and make your readers smarter are a great way to build a strong following. People love to learn and whats more, these posts wont age – they will pull in traffic for you year after year! Cool huh?

So think about what content you are sharing and try and introduce this type of content. Be completely selfless – share everything you know about a subject and watch the followers roll it. Its worked for me time and time again and it stops you asking the big questions.

Good luck!

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