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Create a shortcut (alias) in Terminal

If you frequently use Terminal you will be well aware of how annoying it is to have to constantly navigate to folders you regularly use.

Luckily there is a simple way of creating permanent shortcuts where you set what you type in order to navigate to the folder you want.

1.Open Terminal.

2. Type ‘open ~/.bash_profile’. A blank file should open. this is your Bash profile.

3. Type “alias YourShortcut=’cd /link/to/directory'” – make sure the quotes are non-formatted or this won’t work.

4. Re-launch Terminal or type “source ~/.bash_profile” to refresh the file.

Now type ‘YourShortcut’ and hit enter. It will take you to your desired folder!

If you do not already have a bash profile, you will need to create one. Read about doing that here (external link).

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped save you some time!

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