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Run multiple Jekyll installs on your local machine

Jekyll is an amazingly cool static website generator. Recently I have been using it for clients and personal projects. Its fast to set up and easy to deploy. One of the things I also really like about it, is that it supports SASS out of the box and compiles for you as you save. Neat!

If you want to try it for yourself or find out more take a look at the Jekyll website.

By default Jekyll will use your port number 8000, so each time you try and run another project simultaneously, it won’t let you because the port is already in use!

Luckily though, you can define which port Jekyll uses, meaning you can set a unique port for each project and therefore run several versions at the same time.

Open your _config.yml file and simply add the following line:

port: yourPortNumber

For example it might be:

port: 8888

Save it and restart your Jekyll app in Terminal. Browse to ‘http://yourIP:8888’ and you will find your install running.

Next, you’re going to want to get a better Terminal. I use iTerm, which supports tabs – ideal for having several versions of Jekyll running at the same time.

Set a bespoke port number for each install and there you have it! You no longer need to stop running one version in order to run another.

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