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3 tips to improve your coding overnight

Coding is a precise art, and as passionate coders, we all want to get it right. We want everything to work smoothly for our clients so learning and improvement is of vast importance.

From my experience as a a freelance web designer and coder, I have put together 3 tips to help you improve your coding overnight. They are quick and simple and hopefully will give you some pointers which will help you in future projects.

Don’t be lazy

This is an obvious one but it is very easy to get lazy with coding, taking shortcuts and ignoring best practises in order to get the job done. Be sure to take pride in your work and code to the highest possible standard.

Before too long you will find that you naturally code better because of this. Remember that laziness ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the butt no matter how clever you think you are being. Avoid it at all costs an code to the best of your ability!

Read and research

Take time out to fine tune your coding. There are literally thousands of blogs out there that can help you discover new techniques in whatever language you are coding in, and help you to fine-tune your skills.

Read and research specific areas like HTML and CSS and JavaScript. Its amazing what you forget over the years and brushing up a little bit here and there can drastically help improve your coding.

‘Proof-read’ your work

It might sound almost patronising, but proof-reading your code before it goes live is one of the best ways of improving it. Pride is an important thing and you should work hard to take pride in your code.

Proofing everything that gets uploaded is a sure-fire way to iron out any lazy mistakes you may have made while you were working. Lets face it, you’ve probably never done this before either so its an easy one for improving the quality of your work.

Bonus tip: work with others

Working alone can become a grind and you can get into lazy habits that are detrimental to your work. Try looking at ways you can work with others for your next project. It is amazing what you can learn from another mind. You yourself cannot know every single little bit of code so having another brain working on the project is a great way of improving the quality of the job.

I hope these tips help you to sharpen up a little. Never stop coding and always aspire to improve and get better at what you do.

If you have any of your own tips, please leave them in a comment below!

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