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How I write my blog posts

Writing can be very difficult, and its different for everyone. Over the years of writing for several successful blogs, I have found a method that works for me and I thought it would be interesting to share with you.

Sadly, I’m not as organised as I would like to be and that’s my biggest bug-bear at the moment. I’m working on that. The reason I just needed to point that out is because when I write…it is very spontaneous.

I will literally think of an idea, come here to my CMS and start typing.

I write an article in one go. Crazy huh? I don’t stop I just keep typing almost like I’m thinking out loud. I am doing exactly that now and I find it works perfectly for me. It makes me really enjoy writing.

The main reasons I work like this are because I get distracted really easily so I want to work quickly and get something done whilst my mind is set on doing it. I also feel like I’m the most creative when I’m just letting my mind flow. Lastly, when I’m ‘writing out loud’ I find that more of my personality comes into my writing and I think that’s one of the most importantĀ things about publishing online. There are so many people doing it – you need to be yourself as that’s the only thing that can set you apart from the mob.

When I have done typing out what I want to say, I go back and read through the entire article. I check for spelling mistakes and ensure that everything reads fluently. I then quickly edit whatever I need to and hit the magic ‘publish’ button.

So not the most incredible post I have ever written I know, but I thought it would be interesting for you to understand another blogger’s workflow. Hopefully it helps you with your writing.

Good luck with whatever you are working on at the moment and hopefully see you again soon.

Comment below if you have any questions or comments and I will gladly answer them.

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