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How to stay motivated

Motivation is a key thing when you are working on your own, and its also difficult to maintain at times.

When work gets slow it can be really hard to push on and stay positive as well as focused.

Finding what motivates you is really a personal journey but there are definitely methods that I have used that have helped me to appreciate and re-kindle my passion for freelance web design and development.

One of the main things I do when I’m feeling low on motivation is get out of the house. I get fresh air, leave the laptop at home and try and get some different visual stimulus. While I’m out and about I tend to think things over, try and remember why I chose to become a freelancer and focus on the positives. When negative feelings emerge I try to reason them and get to the source of the problem. If it can be solved that’s great. If not I assume its something that isn’t worth worrying about.

It can be a lonely time working on your own trying to push out websites over and over so always try and surround yourself by like-minded people to maintain your motivation. Have a look for meet-ups in your area. Freelancers are all in the same boat so you may be surprised how many meet-ups you can find. Its a great way of bouncing around ideas and interacting with others that are doing the same as you.

Lastly, it sounds counter-intuitive, but spending some time away from work is a great way to get motivated about it again. Imagine yourself sitting there every night trying to bust out code. It becomes a chore and that’s when its time to get some perspective.

Take an extended break, go and stay somewhere with a friend or just book a holiday if you can afford it. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you come back and sit down at your computer again.

Good luck. Work hard and play harder. Never give up and make yourself proud!

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