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Essential Tools for Freelance Web Designers

Becoming a freelance web designer is quite an easy thing to do on paper. All you need is a small client base and a few tools and you are on your way.

From my experience there are a few key things that you need in order to maintain a professional and stress-free existence. Here they are:

A good, reliable laptop 

This pretty much goes without saying but you are definitely going to need a good, reliable laptop if you want to be a freelancer. In my opinion a laptop is definitely the way to go thanks to its portable nature. You never know where freelancing may take you and its good to know that you can work anywhere provided you have an internet connection and a power supply. Being able to take your work to show clients is also a must, so a laptop is definitely the way to go.

An organised calendar

The last thing you want to do as a freelancer is let a client down thanks to your lack of organisation. Having both an iPhone and Macbook pro is the perfect way to stay organised for me. I can quickly pop in appointments on the move and when I’m in front of my laptop and know that they are all synced together. If you don’t have this luxury there are definitely other solutions like Google calendar. This will be a big help when it comes to arranging meetings with new and existing clients

A portable hard drive 

Portable hard drives are very handy if you are working with different clients all the time. They are also a good way to ensure that your work is safely backed up. I invested in a 500gb portable drive and its very handy for getting large files to and from clients.

A music subscription / good headphones 

When you are freelancing you can end up working in all sorts of environments from coffee shops to large corporate buildings. I always think its good to be able to create your own little working zone wherever you are, so access to music and a good pair of headphones is an absolute must for me. It won’t matter what’s going on around you if you can cancel it out with a good set of headphones, allowing you to get on with your work and meet those strict deadlines

Access to a car 

Most people learn to drive these days, but its essential you are able to go and meet clients easily, and they are not always on your doorstep. A car provides an easy and relatively easy way to meet your clients and conduct your day to day work.

If you have any tools that you can’t live without, leave a comment below and help out other freelancers across the globe!

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