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5 ESSENTIAL things you should do before updating your Mac OS

I recently decided to update my 2017 Macbook Pro OS to Big Sur, thinking it would be a trouble-free experience which would leave me with a faster running machine and with some nice shiny updates from Apple.

I wish that would have been how things rolled out…

Take my advice and do these 5 essential things before you go ahead and try and update your Mac OS:

  1. Make a complete back-up of your Machine via a USB drive and via Time Machine
  2. Make a bootable version of the new OS on a memory stick just in case.
  3. Read more about doing the update in the first place (I would have found countless issues and called it off!)
  4. Realised that I didn’t have to update at all
  5. Chosen a wiser time to do the update

Please DO NOT make the same mistakes I made by not doing any of these. Luckily I managed to recover some of my files by setting up an install of Big Sur in Safe Mode and browsing to my old user’s files but I seriously wish I could turn back time now and do everything that I have mentioned above.

Do not assume that updating your Mac to a new OS is a simple and trouble-free experience. For me that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve had two days pulling my hair out trying to get my machine usable again and I’m still having issues!

Choose a time where it doesn’t matter if your computer is out of services for a few days. The longer the time the better just incase something goes seriously wrong like it did with my update.

Good luck if you are about to try!

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