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How to easily reduce or stop macbook fan noise

If you’ve ever had to do something on your macbook that requires silence, like recording audio, you may have run into an issue where the fan is so loud it gets picked up in your recording. This can be really frustrating as its not all the time that you can hear the sound of your fans from inside your laptop.

I regularly record Youtube videos so this is something I have to deal with a lot. I need those fans to be as quiet as possible when I hit that red record button!

Here are a few things I usually do that help solve the issue.

Close down ‘bulky’ applications.¬†

Apps like Photoshop or games require an intense amount of processing power to work and your mac will want more air to keep things cool while these are running. Try closing down as many apps as you can before you start recording and see if that fans slow down or even stop.

Move your macbook

If you have your mac flat on a desk or if its near other electronic equipment that is letting out heat then try moving it to somewhere that can get a good supply of cool air – like near a window. Your mac will run much better if it is getting a good circulation of cool air. I’ve even heard of people investing in a slab of marble or stone to keep their mac on so that it stays as cool as possible.

Restart your laptop 

This is a big one – If you are someone like me that regularly keeps your laptop running for long periods of time without restarting, then this is definitely worth a try. Over time processes will hang, or keep running when they shouldn’t be. The longer you leave your mac on the more of these that will build up so try doing a complete restart of your machine. 9 times out of 10 this solves the issue for me!

Update your mac

Lastly, make sure your mac is fully up to date. Sometimes bugs are fixed in updates which could be causing excessive load on your processor so its definitely worth making sure that everything is fully up to date!

I hope these tips help and if you have any suggestions of your own then please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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