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SOLVED: Changes to PHP WordPress files not showing up on localhost

I ran into a very very annoying issue this week. I recently reinstalled the OS on my mac and started developing locally again using MAMP.

Then I started to notice something – When I was making changes to PHP files in a WordPress install, those changes were not reflected when I went to localhost/my-wordpress-install. Having to refresh and clear browser cache every time I made changes, well, you can probably imagine…it quickly became infuriating and it didn’t always work.

I would have to refresh my site maybe three or four times before I could see the change, maybe more.

I installed a WP-Cache plugin and disabled the Caching but that didn’t solve my issue.

Then after searching for quite a long time online, I found the solution. MAMP itself has PHP caching! I did not know this up until now.

Head to your open MAMP app window – go to Preferences and you should see an option ‘PHP-Cache’. Make sure ‘off’ is selected. I did that and now I am no longer having any issues with cached files. I’m back to full speed WordPress development!


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