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July 3, 2021
How to use Pods fields in WordPress Templates

I am currently working on a website for a client and for the first time, I have been working with Pods. Usually I use Advanced Custom Fields, and to be honest if the choice was mine, I would continue to use them, but sometimes thats the way things are with clients… The good news is… View Article

April 16, 2020
Disable gesture based browsing in Google Chrome (Macbook)

Have you ever accidentally swiped left or right on your trackpad and found that it takes you back or forward in your Chrome browsing history? Its annoying and too easy to do. You could lose vital data if for example you are filling out a form. Its happened to me in the past! On mac… View Article

February 21, 2020
How to rename a local git branch

Sometimes its useful to be able to rename the local branch that you are working on in Git. The good news is, using the command line its straight forward. All you need to use is the following command: git branch -m old-branch-name new-branch-name type git branch and you will now see that the old name… View Article

March 28, 2019
Should you become a freelance web designer?

In the past few years I’ve had quite a few people ask me what its like to be a freelance web designer and if they should follow suit and try it for themselves. Its an interesting question and I feel that a lot of people think being freelance is a ‘scary’ notion, however being your… View Article

November 10, 2017
Show hidden files and folders in your Mac Finder windows

By default, there are a lot of files that are hidden on a machine running macOS, the idea being that it makes the experience cleaner for the average user, however, most of us developers and freelancers need visibility of certain things like .git files for example. Luckily its pretty easy to get these to show… View Article

November 5, 2015
Run multiple Jekyll installs on your local machine

Jekyll is an amazingly cool static website generator. Recently I have been using it for clients and personal projects. Its fast to set up and easy to deploy. One of the things I also really like about it, is that it supports SASS out of the box and compiles for you as you save. Neat!… View Article

July 25, 2014
A brief summary of using a standing desk

As a freelance web designer I spend most of my time sat on my arse. Because of this (not-so-sudden) realisation, I’ve been trying out a standing desk. In total I’veĀ been sampling the concept for a week or so and although I have enjoyed it on occasions, I’m still not completely sold on it. I thought… View Article

May 12, 2014
Some thoughts on practicing web design

Everyone is different and because of that, each individual approaches web design in a different way. Despite this though, there is one constant…everyone must practice.

March 11, 2014
Contract work gets extended

I was delighted to discover that my contract with a prestigious bank based in Chester has been extended until the end of June.