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October 3, 2021
SOLVED: Changes to PHP Wordpress files not showing up on localhost

I ran into a very very annoying issue this week. I recently reinstalled the OS on my mac and started developing locally again using MAMP. Then I started to notice something – When I was making changes to PHP files in a WordPress install, those changes were not reflected when I went to localhost/my-wordpress-install. Having… View Article

July 3, 2021
How to use Pods fields in WordPress Templates

I am currently working on a website for a client and for the first time, I have been working with Pods. Usually I use Advanced Custom Fields, and to be honest if the choice was mine, I would continue to use them, but sometimes thats the way things are with clients… The good news is… View Article

October 23, 2014
Resolve white screen of death on post.php Wordpress

Are you experiencing the white screen of death when you try and save a page or make changes to the setting in a plugin (when WordPress uses post.php)? I’ve just been having this issue with my local install and the fix was annoyingly simple. I turned on debugger in the wp-config.php file. (I suggest having… View Article

October 7, 2014
Permalinks refuse to change in Wordpress

If you are a freelance web designer the chances are you use WordPress for a lot of your builds. Its lightweight and very flexible, making it an ideal platform to learn in order to please a wide range of clients. One issue I recently had that messed with my head for longer than it should… View Article

December 12, 2012
Wordpress 3.5 has now been released

Attention web designers, its that time again where we have to tediously go around our client’s websites updating their WordPress installs, as version 3.5 has been released this week. I’m sure there are probably a few elegant solutions out there where you can do all the updating in one place, but for now I’m still… View Article

August 18, 2011
5 steps towards better Wordpress security

Any blogger’s worst nightmare is visiting your own site to find that it has been infested with spam links, or has been hacked and the website simply shows some kind of horrible page. Here are some top tips to stop this awful process from happening. 1. Make a Strong password Make sure that the administrator… View Article