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June 25, 2012
Disable all Data Apart from Wi-fi on iPhone

Traveling abroad is a luxury that most of us can now afford, but for the average freelance web designer this poses a few problems with regards to your work…how do you pick up your e-mails, how do you access Twitter/Facebook and most importantly, will you come home with a huge phone bill? I found myself… View Article

May 6, 2012
The Perks of being a Freelance Web Designer

I thought it would be interesting to make two posts in my blog this weekend, one regarding the perks of being a freelance web designer and one regarding the ‘unperks’ of being a freelance web designer…trust me there are both! I’ll get the ball rolling on a positive note and share with you the perks… View Article

March 22, 2012
How To Browse Back Whilst Viewing Source Code in Firefox

If you are a freelance web designer or developer you probably spend a lot of time right clicking and viewing a page’s source. For example, if I want to copy a few scripts to make a jQuery plugin work I will look at the page source and copy/paste that way. One annoying thing with Firefox… View Article

March 19, 2012
Latest Freelance Web Design Project Goes Live

I’m really happy to launch my latest freelance web design project on to the World wide web. Alex of Stand Out Pr wanted a chic and clean looking website that he could easily update himself, so I built the design and then integrated it in to WordPress. If you would like to see the website… View Article

March 19, 2012
Traveling Tips for the Freelance Web Designer

This weekend I had very limited spare time to work as a freelance web designer as I attended a wedding near to London, however I still managed to find the odd hour to work. I think I learned that the success to working ‘on the move’ is to be prepared and make sure you pack… View Article

March 13, 2012
How to Send HTML E-mail Using Gmail

A lot of people seem to get hung up when it comes to sending a HTML E-mail through Gmail but its actually very simple to do and here’s how: 1. Firstly you will need to design and build your template as a static HTML page and make sure that all your images are hosted somewhere… View Article

March 10, 2012
Useful Privacy Suggestion Regarding Facebook Subscribers

Facebook apparently work hard to protect your privacy but for most of us its quite confusing to see where your updates are going. I’m extremely paranoid about the information I share and any way of controlling this is a huge bonus for me. If you feel the same way you may like this little tip.

March 6, 2012
Warning over Twitter Phishing Problem

Here’s a quick post to warn you of a Twitter phishing* problem that I’ve seen swimming around over the past few weeks. In a moment of complete tiredness and stupidity I was actually caught out by this one…Doh! You will receive a private message saying something along the lines of “Hi. some person is saying… View Article

March 6, 2012
Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook cover photos are taking the web by storm and businesses all over the world are already utilising them to promote their brands. If you run Facebook pages and want to design your own cover photo you will need the dimensions. They are as follows: 850px (Width) 315px (height) Good luck with your design and… View Article

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