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October 7, 2011
Facebook launch new interaction metrics for Pages

Facebook have launched a new metric for pages, which shows how many people are ‘talking’ about the page. According to Facebook this new feature shows interactions with the Page over the last 7 days – anything from likes, to comments on wall posts to photo uploads. I find this an interesting one as I feel… View Article

August 31, 2011
How to choose an awesome topic to blog about

Many of you may have heard the word floating around your office or social groups. Yes, you guessed it, the word is ‘blog’. With the inventions of Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger etc etc starting up a blog has literally become a case of making a few clicks and filling in a username and password – that’s… View Article

August 18, 2011
5 steps towards better Wordpress security

Any blogger’s worst nightmare is visiting your own site to find that it has been infested with spam links, or has been hacked and the website simply shows some kind of horrible page. Here are some top tips to stop this awful process from happening. 1. Make a Strong password Make sure that the administrator… View Article

August 5, 2011
12 killer ways to increase comments on your blog posts

We bloggers love getting comments on our posts don’t we? In some ways its a way of proving to yourself that your readers find your content compelling, and that people are interested in the topics you are discussing. However you may have recently signed in to your dashboard to find that suddenly no-one is commenting… View Article

August 1, 2011
Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone! This is the first post in my new blog. I hope that this will be a place where I can keep you all updated with my latest projects that I’m working on and offer some insight in to working as a freelancer at the same time. I also hope to use this as… View Article

February 13, 2000
Google can't find a load of tags

Google can’t find a load of my tags in webmaster so instead of 301ing everything, I’m going to build a post and tag it will all the tags it can’t find. Don’t know if this is a good idea or not for SEO but I shall find out soon… I’m trying to improve my ranks… View Article

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