LDA are a thriving full service web agency based in the heart of Manchester. In January 2013 their team approached me for a contracting role based at a prestigious banking firm in Chester.

I accepted the offer and went full time, starting on a 6 month contract.

Since then I have continued to spend the majority of my time working through LDA as a front-end developer for the bank. Unfortunately due to an NDA I cannot reveal specific details but during my time there I have worked on a variety of complex projects including the redesign of the bank’s website and their online application forms.

In more recent times including 2017 and 2018 I have worked on a team developing rapid protypes using React.

I have maintained a positive relationship with both the bank and LDA for many years and in 2017 was nominated for contractor of the year.

*Please note I did not work on designing or building the above website.

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